Cosmic Background Noise

Fete de la musique - 21 June 2016 at ESTEC

Video from two presentations and a rehearsal

Nosy Komba support concert - 21 April 2018

Only Time

Bonse Aba

Working on the railroad

Kusi Mama

Falling in love mix - 20 June 2020

It is 2020, the year of the covid-19 pandemia. The rehearsals of the choir had been shut down. At one of the last rehearsals David distributed music sheets of the Elvis Presley song „Falling in Love“. We were singing just like this, without any rehearsing.

I liked it very much and therefore I was asking all members of the choir to sing and record their part. I was adding Guitar and Bass Guitar and mixing all. Below there are two versions of it: one a capella and the other with accompaniment.